Animal Rights? (a featured article)

Remember God's Word says in Genesis 9:3
"Everything that lives and moves will be food for you. Just as I gave you the green plants, I now give you everything."

Animal Rights

An article by Dwight Schuh
Reprinted by permission from Bowhunter Magazine Oct/Nov 1999 issue

In this issue [of Bowhunter Magazine] Pat Lefemine reports on politics versus hunting, Pat bases his essay on the Ontario spring-bear debacle, and that subject, along with the growing animal-rights anti-hunting movement in general, started me thinking. We hunters constantly defend ourselves. We quote facts to show that weíre the true conservationists. We show how, through license fees, donations, and Pitman-Robertson funds, hunters have preserved millions of acres for critical wildlife habitat. We explain how hunting is an inherent, natural drive built into mankind.

Further, on the issue of cruelty, we demonstrate that a broadhead kills swiftly and cleanly. And we conduct studies to show that wounding loss is minimal, only a fraction of what the anti-hunters claim.

All of this is logical and true. Itís irrefutable. Yet people continue to attack hunting and hunters as wrong and evil. Why? Why canít we convince or sway people with the facts, truth, and reality? Why canít we sit down with our detractors and compromise?

I think itís because this issue goes far deeper than cruelty, emotions, politics, social concerns, logic, or facts. It goes to the most fundamental level of our existence, to our value system, our worldview. This is an angle you rarely, if ever, hear discussed, yet it is, in my opinion, the core issue. I maintain that animal rights versus animal use is a spiritual war revolving around the fundamental question: What is our view of God, man, and animals?

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Animal Rights?

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