Meet the God's Great Outdoors Staff

It takes a lot of heart and effort to bring God's Great Outdoors to the radio and online world. And, it's something we really enjoy doing. We're constantly striving to present new, inspiring and informational content. It's important to us that we keep you up to date on what's happening both within the organization and out there in the field, where it really matters, as life changing decisions are being made.

The current God's Great Outdoors staff roster includes:

Gerry & Cyndi Caillouet
Tracy Breen
Todd & Jacob Chambers
Philip Havens
Steven Kovach
Courtney Caillouet (bio coming soon)

Tracy Breen Gerry & Cyndi Caillouet:

Getting to spend time in the woods and on the water with many of today’s top Pro-outdoor personalities is one of the most exciting parts of Gerry Caillouet’s outdoor career. The radio show, God’s Great Outdoors has gone from national, to now international syndication and can now be listened to aytime online. Heard on over 300 stations in the USA and Canada, the program has taken the listeners On The Trail To Adventure! for well over a decade now!

Besides being an outdoors radio program producer and host, Gerry is an outdoor writer, wildlife artist, video producer and book author. He has fished and hunted in many locations across the USA and Canada. He is has been an instructor for the National Bowhunter Education Foundation and the Ohio Hunter Education Program, plus is on the Pro staff of Mathews Bows, Inc. Gerry also serves on the board of God’s Great Outdoors and is a past board member of Christian Bowhunters of America.

Gerry‘s wife, Cyndi does both the voicing for the recipe portion of the radio program and runs GGO’s office. The two were married in July of 1976. Their three children are all grown and married. Each family has blessed them with grandchildren, eight in total, with more on the way! These beautiful additions to Gerry and Cyndi’s life are a greater pleasure than they could have ever imagined, and it is these youngsters now in Gerry’s future that he hopes to spend time with, in God’s magnificent Creation in the coming years.

Tracy Breen Tracy Breen:
Editor of God's Great Outdoors' Internet Outdoor Magazine

The Editor of God's Great Outdoors' Internet Outdoor Magazine, Tracy Breen, has lived his entire life in Muskegon, Michigan. He was brought up in a family full of hunters and trappers and he grew to love outdoor adventures at an early age.

Tracy's father trapped for a living during the late '70s until the fur market fell apart in the early '80's. At that point, he took up taxidermy which he still does for a living today. Due to that influence growing up, Tracy decided early on that one way or another he would make a living in the outdoors.

Also, being brought up in a home with a Christian foundation, Tracy wanted to somehow tie the two together, but was unsure how this could happen. It was by God's grace and in His perfect timing that Tracy contacted Gerry Caillouet about a magazine idea. Tracy's project was to be in print, while Gerry had been praying for someone who could help God's Great Outdoors by editing and running the Internet Outdoor Magazine idea he had in the back of his mind for several years.

After many weeks of prayer with his pastor and others, Tracy Breen accepted the offer to become a part of God's Great Outdoors as the new Internet Outdoor Magazine editor.

Besides the time outdoors, God has used another aspect of Tracy's life to prepare him to serve in this position with God's Great Outdoors.

Please keep an eye out as we reissue a new version of our online magazine. We'll be utilizing a new blog format and providing some wonderful articles written by some fantastic authors. Please stay tuned.

Todd and Jake Chambers Todd & Jacob Chambers:
Web site design, development and maintenance

Todd and Jacob are a father and son web design team. Todd works as an interactive art director for an ad agency and Jacob spends his after-school hours either playing with friends or helping out his dad with the mobile version of the site.

Todd grew up an outdoorsman spending his childhood years hunting and fishing the East Tennessee mountains he called home. Now, he and son Jacob along with his wife Liz and daughter Hannah spend as much of their spare time as possible exploring the mountains and coast lines surrounding their Georgia home. Mountain biking, hiking, fishing and sea kayaking are just some of the adventures they take part in. Todd is also an avid fly fisherman and a burgeoning bow hunter.

Both Todd and Jake consider their minor contributions to the God's Great Outdoors ministry as an act of joy and service and are extremely proud to be able to help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ though their gifts and talents.

Philip Havens website developer out whitetail huntingPhilip Havens:
Website developer and technology consultant

Phil is a recent addition to the God’s Great Outdoors staff and is the founder and principal consultant of Philip Havens Technology Consulting. His interest in computers was first sparked during the 1970's before personal computers, iPhones, Facebook, wireless networks, and the Internet that we know today. His professional career started at Pratt & Whitney Aircraft as a computer programmer. Phil also had a 25-year career working for ESPN, Inc. in a wide variety of computer, technology, and business related positions.

Phil has always enjoyed the outdoors, from early on when his family took annual camping trips around the country and Canada and also while a Boy Scout. However, it was when Phil met Gerry Caillouet in 2007 at a “Trail to Adventure” outdoor outreach training workshop that his passion for bow hunting was triggered. The “trigger” that got Phil excited was winning a door prize; a brand new Mathews bow! Up to that point in time, Phil had enjoyed fishing, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, camping, and mountain biking, but not hunting.

Phil and his wife Audrey were married in 1981 and now live in the beautiful hills of northwest Connecticut and actively serve in their church located in Barkhamsted. They have an adult son Jesse who lives in Maine and a daughter Rebecca who was married in 2009 to Brandon Sanford, the Youth Director at Trinity Baptist Church in New Hampshire.

Tracy Breen Steve Kovach:
Resident wildlife biologist

He has been working as a professional biologist for over 20 years throughout the west, working mostly with mammals. He has held some positions that were largely management-oriented and others that were research oriented. Steve is also an avid outdoor photographer and an NRA firearms instructor and Training Counselor. Currently he lives with his wife and daughter in McGrath, Alaska, working on the Innoko National Wildlife Refuge conducting research on black bears. Steve and his family enjoy God's great outdoors by hunting, fishing, trapping, and camping together.